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Silver State AP* Summer Institute

World History-New: James Rowland

A National Board Certified secondary social studies teacher, James spends his days teaching AP World History, AP European History and World History to sophomores at The Woodlands High School in The Woodlands, Texas. In addition, James serves as the AP Program Facilitator and Coordinator for The Woodlands High School. James volunteers as an AP Advocate, sharing information and statistics to promote AP courses for students of all backgrounds and abilities. He has taught AP World History in an open enrollment classroom, since its inception in 2002 and is an endorsed national and international College Board consultant for Pre-AP and AP World History and AP European History. Last year, Mr. Rowland had over 180 students take the AP World History exam. James is an AP World History exam reader and table leader and loves spending the first week of every summer, in quiet seclusion, with one thousand teachers and professors, reading student-generated essays for eight hours a day. When not corrupting the youth of The Woodlands, James is at home with his pet menagerie, grading essays, working on his computer, watching the Smithsonian Channel, reading books and journals to create historical chaos in his classroom, or devising ways to further torture his students.